Devil's Mile

To make up a Devil's Mile, you select four exercises and perform them for a quarter mile each. This workout will consists of a 400m bear crawl, 400m walking lunges, 400m fireman carry (200m each partner), and 400m burpee broad jump.

Quarter-mile bear crawl.

This event is common for both athletes (football) and in special ops selections.

Quarter-mile walking lunge.

Lunges for long distances are common for special-ops selections. Add a sandbag or log and make it even more realistic to what you may see in your future specops selection training.

Quarter-mile burpee/broad jumps.

This is a sadistic way to move a quarter mile, but dropping down and standing up quickly is a very functional movement that should be practiced. It is best not to do this on concrete; turf or grass is OK, but sand is better.

Quarter-mile fireman carry.

(partners split 1/4 mile). You never know when you will have to carry someone, even for longer distances. If this is too difficult for you at the beginning, try to do the ¼ mile using a sandbag over your shoulder or a log.

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