The Murph Plus Devil's Mile 'Suped Up' Challenge

Here is our "suped-up" version:

Warmup: 1.5-mile run

Devils Mile Broken up with added Murph Events

1. Repeat 4 times

100m bear crawl

Pull-ups max

Pushups 25

2. Repeat 4 times

Walking Lunges 100m

Pull-ups max. Try to get your 100 pull-ups done in less than 8 sets

Pushups 25

3. Repeat 4 times

Fireman carry 100m or farmer walk 100m

Plank pose or sit-ups 1 minute

Squats 50

4. Repeat 4 times

Burpee Broad Jump 100m

Sit-ups 1 min or plank pose

Squats 25

*If you have not finished the pull-ups or pushups, you can pull them into circuits 3 and 4 if needed.

Cooldown: Run 1.5 miles

This is not a workout for beginners. If you want to challenge your Murph workouts with a combination of another stand-alone workout, give this one a try and see if you can do this in less than 90 minutes -- though it may take closer to two hours. You can make this more difficult with a weight vest or sandbag on the squats and lunges.

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