WOD Sunday Cardio Day

God rests on Sundays, we don't. Lets get that cardio in!

WOD Saturday Arms Day

Saturday WOD is now here! No rest for the wicked!

WOD Friday Shoulders/Abs Day

End of the week? Not before you finish this WOD!

Wod Thursday Cardio Day

When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done. Let see how far your mentality will get you! - David Goggins

WOD Wednesday Pull/Abs Day

The 3rd day of the week is Pull Day. Find some bars and get to work!

WOD Tuesday Push Day

Another day, another workout. This Push Day will force you to push your limits to the next level!

WOD Monday Legs/Abs Day

Prepare to get your legs running and your core burning, our training protocols will put your body to the test. Do you have what it takes? Lets find out!
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