Wod Thursday Cardio Day

1.Warm-Up for 10 minutes
(5 low intensity/5 intense)
2.Run/Ruck 15 minutes

- Push-Ups x10

- Crunches x15

- Squats x15

4.TABATA (20sec max efford/10sec rest)
- Running 5 minutes (200 sec sprints total and 100 sec total rest)
- Mountain Climbers 5 minutes (200 sec work total and 100 sec total rest)
- Burpee 3 minutes (120 sec work total and 60 sec rest)
6.Plank for total of 5 minutes
(Do in less sets as possible)
7.Run/Ruck 30 minutes

8.Stretch and Cool-down for 10 minutes
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